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Develop the skills needed to succeed and enjoy life on and off the courts…
August 21st- December 21st

This program is designed for homeschooled students ages 7 to 18. Players will learn proper tennis technique, all fundamentals, and how to play tennis matches with etiquette, rules, and scoring. The students will be taught life skills by a certified, trained, and professional staff, such as developing confidence, the art of conversation, emotional intelligence, hand shakes, eye contact, and more.

Two-hour classes will include:
Tennis instruction, drills, and games
Team games and competitions
Fun fitness activities
Match play
Life skills activities  

Additionally, students will also be encouraged to participate in our monthly events at Agape Tennis Academy where they will have the chance to meet and play tennis with our after school program students. These events include team match play, tennis socials, tournaments, and parties.

Monday and Wednesday 12-2pm       Tuesday and Thursday 9-11am

2 days a week- $240/month (8 sessions)

3 days a week- $336/month (12 sessions)
4 days a week-$432/month (16 sessions)

Please e-mail or call (419) 512-0499 to register or for any further questions.

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