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"Amy and her team started working with my son Andrew two years ago. He actually quit tennis for a while because he was no longer having fun and the pressure he was putting on himself was too much.  Since being with Agape Tennis, Andrew is now enjoying tennis again in an environment that encourages healthy competition. He even made the JV team at Milton High School. We are so grateful that Andrew is enjoying tennis again because of Agape. They are GREAT! "  

- USTA 4.0 player, son high school player

"My ALTA team has been taking lessons with Agape tennis for the past two years. When we started, we were playing at an ALTA level of C-6. Now, we are playing at B-6! The tennis professionals at Agape genuinely care about helping our tennis games.  They really show an invested interest in us by watching our matches, warming us up, and providing feedback. We really appreciate the personal, supportive environment they create in addition to helping our tennis games improve." 

–USTA 3.5 ladies captain

I want to commend Amy and her team on the well-structured, value based, and life lesson oriented tennis program offered to our community. Myself, my wife, and three sons are not only learning tennis but life lessons.  Two of my sons are beginners and one is advanced. It is awesome that my entire family of different skill levels can all play in the same place.  In summary, Amy and her team have brought a lot of excitement to my family and the community through her tennis program. "  

–USTA 3.0 men’s player

"My teammates and I really love the way our practices are conducted.  The coaches make an effort to be patient and make us beginners feel more relaxed on the courts.  Amy is awesome at what she does.  She is a great tennis director that listens to each person and makes adjustments for the good of everyone.  She realizes that the C player is just as much a part of the program as anyone else.  We appreciate her comments after matches, emails on how to improve, etc.  It means a lot to me and my teammates.   I am a competitive person, but ultimately, I really just want to have fun and sweat.  Agape tennis makes me want to play tennis more often! " 

- USTA 3.5 ladies player

"We are very happy with our son, Michael’s, progress under Amy and her programming. Our son recently made the JV tennis team at Cambridge high school. We truly believe it was due to the coaching and support Michael gets from Agape that got him to this point. We have been following ATM since they started in 2012. They always have new players and programs that help encourage players to continually improve."  

- USTA 4.0 Player, son high school player

We at Agape Tennis Academy believe that while you will not always be a player, you will always be a person. That is why our core beliefs, HEART, are the foundation of everything we do. It is our feeling that if these five beliefs are cultivated then we will not only produce winners on the court but, more importantly, winners in life.

oUR core beliefs

Founder and Director of Agape Tennis Academy

Certified PTR Professional and USTA Sports Science

Amy Pazahanick

Agape Academy is dedicated to bringing the highest standard of excellence to our clients and community. Our core values are encompassed in five virtues: Honesty, Excellence, Attitude, Responsibility, and Teamwork (HEART).  Our staff lives by and teaches these core values to every student in our academy.  Tennis is a vehicle through which we get to help enrich the lives of all the students that we touch. In all of our academy classes and programming, the kids are not only held to the highest standards of athletic rigor, but also to the highest standard of personal character. Many of the characteristics it takes to achieve as an athlete are the same that it takes to achieve in life. We strive to provide our students with a challenging yet fun learning environment. We believe in a balance between hard work and fun.  We know that when students are having fun they are more likely to learn. We ensure that the students in our academy are more likely to achieve in life because they were a part of Agape Tennis Academy.