Some of you in the tennis community have heard what has gone on with the City of Atlanta tennis center’s bidding process. My company, Agape Tennis Academy was sent an email from the City of Atlanta in February 2019 that said, “Dear Ms. Amy Pazahanick: Congratulations. The City of Atlanta (the “City”) has completed its evaluation for the above-referenced project (Re: FC-10637, Tennis Centers – Management, Maintenance and Capital Improvements). Based on the information submitted, and the evaluation criteria established for this project, your firm has been selected as the most responsible and responsive to the solicitation.”

On Thursday May 9, 2019 we received an email from the City of Atlanta saying that the bid had been cancelled. I have been told by the City that there was an error in the procurement process and that it will be put out for re-bid soon. Until now, Agape Tennis Academy has not directly addressed the tennis community as we were waiting for the process to be complete.

I would like to formally introduce myself, Amy Pazahanick and my company to you all. In the coming days, weeks, and months, I will begin to share more with you all about who we are, our intentions, and our vision. We are aware and sensitive to the fact that the fear of the unknown can be frightening. Yet, we are also certain that change is essential for improvement and innovation. As you learn more about Agape Tennis Academy, we hope you will feel increasingly confident and comfortable. We believe we are the best fit and capable organization to bring needed improvements in innovation, transparency, technology, mission, and service to the City of Atlanta, the local tennis community, and the tennis industry at large.

Agape Tennis Academy is made up of numerous great people, coaches, friends, clients, processes, systems and technologies. It is defined by a unique, innovative, welcoming, and fun culture meant to include everyone. Agape is a Greek word, that means unconditional love. It has been our mission since starting Agape in 2012 to provide environments where everyone can go to feel this type of community, positivity, and unconditional love, otherwise referred to as Agape.

One of the most important things that we want to do is to spend time listening, observing, engaging and getting to know the people, processes, coaches, and organizations involved at every tennis center in the City of Atlanta, equally. We want to understand the needs, wants, and ways we can improve each tennis center through creating a welcoming, community-oriented environment where every participant feels and receives equal care. Ultimately, we will provide improved, more efficient and more innovative services, programming, events, and opportunities for both the clients, coaches, and community.

Together we will to create a beloved community through tennis. Please stay tuned as we deliver multiple channels of information and ways for you all to learn about who we are and what we intend to do for our City of Atlanta and the tennis community.

– Amy Pazahanick
Founder & Director, Agape Tennis Academy